"Sales is no myth – Sales is a passion!"

Have you chosen your sales personnel carefully, professionally trained them excellently, and have had the feeling to not utilize your distribution’s full potential? Whether the sales force, back office or service implements a change in attitude, communication and methodology, forming a strong and united unit, the sales performance will noticeably increase. 

teamkairos sales trainings create a lasting activation

With our own, long-term experience as salespersons, we achieve immediate acceptance among participants. This allows for trust and collaboration to be developed followed by the identification and analysis on the next steps to take forward. We work on the internal resistance and inner attitude rather than just imparting knowledge. Through the simulation of the daily life and thoroughly proven methods, we ensure a lasting implementation of new, and successful behavior.

Selected Examples of Topics

  • The difficult customer as a chance: 
    Understanding and utilizing customers decision processes and motives
  • Turning assumptions into knowledge: 
    Communicate and present professionally
  • Cooperation instead of compromise: 
    Negotiate confidently and successfully
  • Effectivity in sales: 
    Addressing the market and my customers strategically
  • Efficiency in sales: 
    Use professional sales action permanently
  • Successful fairs: 
    How the most expensive days of the year become the most successful!