“YOU always decide yourself if YOU are the breaks or the engine of YOUR life!“

The effect of our actions shows in the by others noticed behavior and is thereby defined on the following three levels:

  • WHAT (content level):
    knowledge and abilities
  • HOW (behaviour level):
    methods, approaches and attitude
  • WHY (personality level):
    interests, needs and values                                     

Only with a “self-aware“-acting on all three levels, people can truly reach others and transport the effect that they want to realize. The own personality helps or impedes us to cope with the requirements and circumstances in working environments.

With us, you strengthen your personality and effect!

Results of our trainings and coaching are

  • a reflected self and external perception,
  • emotional empathy,
  • engage or distance oneself consistent with the situation,
  • an increased attentiveness and higher influence on the own “inner autopilot”,
  • a confident, self-determined appearance