"Leading successfully means to balance the own clarity, determination and solidarity."

What do employees of high performance organizations need for a successful cooperation?

For successful cooperation it is orientation, appreciation and reflection of their own actions. The expectation of leadership is therefore very complex and challenging.

Leadership needs personality and conscientiousness. It is important for leaders to set the example and be able to self-led in order to be capable of leading his / her employees and organization. Good guidance needs the right balance between leadership and management on one hand, and distinct clarity, determination and solidarity on the other hand. 

For a successful leadership you are looking for ways and answers to

  • recognize, develop and use the employee’s potential effectively
  • how assertiveness and cooperation skills improve leadership skills
  • how employees get tied emotionally through good leadership
  • how clear communication has an appreciate effect even in a critical phase; how to solve the “generation conflict” well; for whom the leadership role is suitable

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