INSIGHTS MDI® personality typology helps to quickly and clearly analyse and present individual behaviours and motivators. That is how you will meet the challenge of the "soft factor of human being" and receive support to perceive it more objectively.

More success in recruiting, leadership, coaching and personal development

INSIGHTS MDI® provides a comprehensive, scientifically „toolkit “, that has been proven for decades and enables companies to select more suitable employees and to better identify and use their strengths in the interests of business success.

Essential areas of application include e.g. Analysing the potential of employees and executives, optimizing sales teams, team-building, successful, easier recruiting and increasing management skills.

Less complexity - more objectivity

The recruiting process requires systems that reduce the complexity of human activity to the factors that are critical to the long-term successful deployment of the right people, regardless of the "good feeling and nose" of the person or person responsible.

For example, in addition to the general behavioural and motivational factors, the sales-specific profile also explicitly describes the characteristics and strength of sales-relevant competencies (including acquisition, contact, needs analysis, negotiation and completion strength, consistency and will). Managers can use this information to lead, coach and develop their employees more concretely.