For us, coaching is a very effective method in supporting the development of each individual we work with.

We consider ourselves coaches with a concrete educational/ work background and a clear supportive attitude:

  • We separate clearly between consulting and coaching.
  • Only the client can evaluate and decide what is right for them.
  • We identify the needs of the client and ways of achieving success
  • Only the client can change - not the coach.

Coaching is a matter of voluntariness and inner consent. If you really want to change something, it needs to come within and needs to be consequently purposefully kept up.

We use coaching for personality development, and as a problem-solving and clarification instrument. In addition, we see coaching as an independent offer and implemented in complex contexts, particularly change projects.

As your coach, you will experience leaders from our team who focus directly on the assignment at hand including the client and the actual issues. We will always work towards supportive measures and fulfill our obligations around confidentiality between our members.