Decision makers know about the necessity to develop their employees and corporate objectives. However, often time, man power and objectivity are missing when it comes to identifying the necessary steps.

We, the teamkairos consultants, think in opportunities, options and solutions. Our customers especially value the contextual and human-oriented discussion of possible connecting points. Goals and of course your company's culture is unique to attracting attention at any point in our cooperation. Therefore, we do not present a standardized solution to achieve your goal, but rather develop a personalized plan to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Our procedure guarantees

  • detailed clarification of goals in a briefing or workshop
  • goal-oriented processes and method selection
  • evaluation of organisation chart
    (Evaluation of organizational charts, analysis of operational performance indicators and employee feedback.)
  • professional facilitation of employee performance reviews, closed- door meetings and conferences as well as seminars
  • aktive support of the executive leadership and mangers with implementation of change process steps
  • follow up with the outcomes and results and adjust the necessary actions and measures