The transfer of knowledge into competence and willingness determines if a development training of an individual and organization is successful.


Our training style aims at helping people broaden their own behavior variants authentically and consciously. With heightened background knowledge and an appreciating inner attitude, people learn how they can and want to use the new behavior and strategies that they have developed.


The teamkairos-transfer-process ensures a sustainable effect for the everyday practice using the following steps

Motivate: Individually recognize the benefits of the new behavior.

Experience: Discover the impact of the past and possibly develop new behavior in simulated work situations and while doing so learn and get individual feedback from the teamkairos trainers.

Reflect: Increase awareness for the "inner attitude" towards oneself and owns environment. Recognize and overcome resistance.

Understand: Comprehend the backgrounds and relations between psych, methods, behaviour and the effect for the implementation of what you have comprehended.

Act: Test and experience new courses of action through personal practicing in the "safe training room" as well as in everyday work situations.

Implement: Convert the learn with personal commitments and agreement on objectives. This includes the executives and/or accompany individuals during their transposition.