Dr. Frank Hilbig

When working with me as a consultant, coach and trainer, you will perceive me as kind but direct, inquiring and professionally substantiated. I approach the topics and people with questioning thoughtfulness and precise observation. Customers value my profound industry knowledge, keen sense for the crucial issues, based on the human appreciating way of working. For this, I construct learning and reflection situations in a way that the client can learn and work successfully – to then take the further step, even if it is uncomfortable. 

A perennial training as a coach, moderator and trainer, distinct management and leadership experience in multicorporate enterprise structures and most of all the ability to ask the right questions and hang on, leads to a high acceptance of my work by customers.

Education and Qualification

  • audited coach and moderator (ZWW of the university of Bielefeld)
  • certified trainer
  • various additional qualifications in constellation work, transactional analysis, questioning techniques, project management and more
  • graduated mathematician


Development and Experience

  • profound knowledge in conception and executing extensive development measures in more than 500 projects in the areas of leadership, team development, mission statement creation and change
  • wide industry knowledge in management, leadership and controlling in industry (IT, finance, metal, health), education management (ministries, state institutes, schools), service (administration)
  • as a coach and team developer in before mentioned sectors
  • as a trainer for executives and people who want to become one
  • as a moderator and consultant accompanying executives
  • as a trainer at state institutes for qualifying and certifying (soon to be) principles
  • as an engineer and manager for more than 25 years in IT and finance companies, who constructed products, designed processes and lead employees to successful working 

Special Qualities

  • Developing teams
  • Patronizing and challenging executives
  • Self-controlling
  • Conversation techniques