Gregor Schulte-Beckhausen

When working with me as a consultant, coach and trainer, you will experience me as pleasantly straightforward, pragmatic and professionally founded. I approach topics and possible issues with a warm openness. The customers value my diverse industry knowledge and sure instinct for crucial areas, based on a goal-oriented course of action.

A demanding apprenticeship, distinct management and leadership experience in multicorporate enterprise structures and most of all a passion for sales, makes me a competent partner for a lot of clients.

Education and Qualification

  • Apprenticed process consultant
  • Certified sales trainer and coach
  • Variety of additional qualifications in mediation, project management, key account management
  • Business management training

Development and Experience

  • Versatile industry knowledge from management and consulting
  • As a coach and change consultant for merges of before competing sales organizations to a new, mutual identity
  • As a trainer for young executives of a financial service provider
  • As a sales trainer of experienced sales people in industry, commerce and service
  • As a coach and consultant for general managers in existence-threatening situations
  • As a senior manager for over 25 years in internationally acting companies in sales and marketing: develop strategies, complex organizations, lead and develop teams and individuals

Special Qualities

  • Sereneness and stability in difficult and challenging situations
  • Conceptualize demanding development measures in the areas of leadership, sales, team development, mission statement and change processes
  • Distinct analytical intellectual thinking, quick perception of complex contexts
  • Accurate evaluation of the realization chances of short-, intermediate- and long-term strategies
  • Creativity and method variety combined with courage for something new
  • Value-oriented, reliable, Rhenish humorous and athletic

My favorite topics

  • Make people in sales efficient and effective
  • Give people in management strength
  • Accompany people & teams in change