Our Customer Focus

Diverse and yet specialized?

Because of our experience and work, we have knowledge of

  • Industry (technology, chemistry, life science, food) This includes but is not limited to the following:
    mechanical and plant engineering, industry and process automation,
    medicine, measurement, dosing, cutting technology, and automotive lubricants
  • Service (IT, finance, commerce) 
    This service includes IT service providers, engineering, human resource consulting, financial service provider, student union development and consumer service
  • Education management and municipalities 
    (Schools, education authority, ministry, state institutes, administration)

Our collaborative approach to knowledge transfer,  allows our team to create a unique value for profit and non-profit organizations.  Our teams high level of experience in "modern learning", comes from our work and collaboration with executives based in principal education. These strategies development in modern learning are used in our trainings. Non-profit organization benefit strongly from our teams experience including topics around management behaviour, management requirements and  effective procedures for your industry and providing service.

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